Welcome to the site of PACCO BVBA

Some of you came on purpose, some of you just arrived accidentally and some are just curious. You are all very welcome.

PACCO stands for ‘P’epijn, ‘A’mandine my daughter, ‘C’harles my son and ‘CO’mpany. The logo goes back to the middle ages because I do love that period and my first name, Pepijn, is a very old Flemish name going back into time.

Pacco BVBA is all about sales, marketing and product development. The mission is simple:

To connect people worldwide in selling and buying;
Through sales, marketing and product development;
For professional and fun-design products.

Pacco BVBA has a long track record in selling cleaning tools, laundry products and gifts. This is also its specialization. We do visit and have contacts with suppliers and buyers world wide.

The portfolio is wide but very specialized. Pacco BVBA sells only FUN-DESIGN and/or PROFESSIONAL products. We don't go for the middle road but for specialists in their domain. If you as a consumer, distributor, buyer, marketeer, product developer don't want a product which you can find in every shop or behind every corner, then Pacco BVBA could be a helping hand.

On my site you will find all necessary basic info about my portfolio and its products. There are also recommended end consumer prices. Distributors will find in the secure login part extra info and pricing. Still the best way to learn more about the products is a visit from us. Us is myself and if wanted the responsible export managers of the products you wish more info about.

Catalogues and samples are there to help!

Hope to see or meet you soon somewhere on this earth globe or universe!

Many Hails
Pepijn Carlier

ps: If you have time, then have a look at the 'story/movie' of Pacco BVBA and how it all began....